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Do Not Buy my New Gringo in Granada BOOK!

Posted by in Life

Everything in the book can be found right here on this website and with pictures and the occasional video to boot. In a fit of missing Nicaragua I decided to compile all of my wordier posts from GiG into a short book for Amazon Kindle. If, for some reason, you want to waste $2.99 that you could otherwise spend on a cold Victoria Frosts at Bocadillos then follow this...

Visiting San Juan del Sur

Posted by in Life, Places

Despite living in Nicaragua for 6 months last year, we never made it to San Juan del Sur. But we are here now! Yesterday was our first day. We had beers and good food at Resturante Vivian then hit the beach where the kid’s mind was blown, since he’d never seen the ocean before, even in bay form. Later we had dinner at Restaurante El Timon where we had a nice outdoor view of the beach and enjoyed a great live band. Levi also got to dance with a Canadian grandma and mingle with her daughter and little 8-month-old granddaughter. Here’s some random pics of the...

Tip Top Chicken: Nicaragua’s Delicious Version of Chic-fil-A

Posted by in Food, Places

Tip Top Chicken is a prevalent fast food chain in Nicaragua that sells chicken in various culinary forms. By various I mean grilled or fried. It is essentially, their version of a Chic-fil-A although it tastes nothing like Chic-fil-A. Really, I guess, the only resemblance is that they sell chicken. Okay, so my title to this post sucks, then.   The chicken here is very good as fast food goes. I much prefer it to KFC. They offer “fajitas” which is basically fried chicken fingers, grilled chicken and even whole or half rotisserie chicken. The sides available are tortillas – which are surprisingly good for a fast food establishment...

The Monkey Hut at Laguna de Apoyo

Posted by in Places

We spent a couple of hours out at The Monkey Hut on Lake Apoyo in the Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. The lake itself is 200 meters deep. That’s roughly 650 FEET DEEP. Yes, terrifying. Luckily the surrounding beach successfully distracts from the mind numbing fear of gigantic prehistoric creatures lurking 650 feet beneath the water with relaxation, food, and beauty. We specifically visited The Monkey Hut. Entrance is $6 per person, which you actually pay when you leave, not when you enter. Upon entrance you are given a card. You present the card at various vendors within the resort to buy food, beer, etc. The vendor indicates on...

El Camello Revisited

Posted by in Food, Life

I’m not really much of a “food blogger” since I’m not a pretentious snot, but I figured I should post these images of the delicious dishes we had at El Camello today. I’ve written about El Camello previously, but didn’t include food pics…so here they are! We’ll start with an appetizer of pita and hummus:   Next, we have the Chicken Satay:   Here we have my favorite, Chicken Shawarma:   Aaaaand a Felafell Ball Sandwich:   Added bonus…a few other pics I took while...

Hotel el Internacional

Posted by in Places

This is the first time we’ve stayed at a hotel in Granada. Since we were in it for the long haul last time we were here, we always stayed in rented houses. There are many hotels in Granada, of course, ranging from top notch luxury right on the main drag La Calzada, to more quint establishments a bit off the beaten path. We naturally tend to gravitate toward off the beaten path, plus we’re bargain-minded folk, so we found this place. It is a small hotel with only 4 rooms. Perhaps this makes it more of a bed and breakfast. Especially since breakfast is included, which I didn’t actually...

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