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Choco Spa! Mansion de Chocolate Hotel y Spa

Posted by in Places

Our kid is attracted to water like a homesick fish. Even before we got on the plane to come back to Nicaragua he could not stop talking about going swimming in the pool. Why he fixated so much on something that we have plenty of back in the states I’m not sure, other than his operating system runs on a 6-year-old CPU. Our hotel (Hotel El Internacional) has a small dipping pool, but this is not sufficient for a dog paddling pro like Levi. Luckily the Mansion de Chocolate Hotel y Spa has a very nice, large pool anyone can access for a reasonable fee. You can get a...

Emails to a Buddy

Posted by in Tips & Tricks

A friend of mine just booked a trip to Granada and he emailed with a few questions about the place. It struck me after a few responses I sent that the information therein might actually be useful to other people, so I’m pasting my email responses below. I’ve cut out some conversational nonsense that’s not really relevant. WARNING: NSFW language that I’m too lazy to edit out, and because…well…they’re just words. Stick n’ stones and all that. Make sure you ride a chicken bus while you’re there. You can get a private driver to shuttle between towns for pretty damn cheap but a chicken bus is a cool experience...

Costa Rica: Day 2 – Museo de los Ninos

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Today we went to the Museo de los Ninos (Children’s Museum) in Costa Rica. This is a damn cool museum for kids and it is HUGE. It is built in the abandoned shell of the former Central Prison originally constructed in 1906. It contains several levels of interactive scientific awesomeness for kids to manhandle, thereby spreading countless amounts of germs around for other kids to coat their respective bodies in. Science! As an adult, the only complaint I have about the museum is that it is too damn big. It’s an unfortunate scientific fact that an adult’s level of “let’s get the hell out of here, already!” will be...

Costa Rica: Day 1

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We booked a long weekend in San Jose, Costa Rica to renew our tourist visas. For those not in the loop, you have to leave the country for 72-ish hours every 90 days to renew your tourist visa if you are not a resident. We’re doing that in Costa Rica. We got into the airport after a short 35 minute from Managaua around 8:30 pm. The flight on Copa Airlines was quite nice for being so short. They even gave us all little beef fajita and peppers sandwiches and cookies! On arrival we exchanged some USD for Costa Rica Colon. This was a little baffling. We’re just really getting...

Preview of the New Pad

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Here’s a few pics of our new pad here in Matagalpa. The place is still under some lingering renovations from the owners, so every morning a couple of dudes show up to work in the and then leave in the afternoon. We’ve inflicted them with many ad hoc requests that they’ve executed with no complaint, such as adding a hot water shower head, painting over a weird Winnie the Pooh picture on the wall, and tolerating Levi as he “watches them work” which really means “totally getting in the way all the time”. The place came unfurnished, so we are, bit by bit, collecting chunks of furniture. We’re hardly...

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