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Our Dog was Held for Ransom in Granada, Nicaragua

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No kidding. Can you believe that shit?! Here’s the story… New Year’s Eve night I went out for drinks with our neighbor. Roberta and Levi were out of town in Matagalpa taking care of some moving logistics. The next day I was leaving with a truck at noon with all of our stuff. We would officially no longer live in Granada. When I returned home shortly after midnight our little dog, Lyle, shot out of the door as soon as soon as I opened it and bolted right toward La Calzada, the primary party strip in Granada. This was New Year’s Eve, as I mentioned, which means La Calzada...

We Moved to Matagalpa

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Well, I’m not exactly sure what to do about this blog. When we visited Matagalpa a couple of weeks ago we actually put down a deposit on a rental and this past week moved to Matagalpa. I’m no longer a Gringo in Granada! Obviously I will keep writing for this blog, but my dilemma is that I’m not sure what to call it. “Gringo in Matagalpa” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “Gringo in Granada” although I guess it’s not too bad. But who knows if we’ll stay in Matagalpa. We certainly didn’t expect to leave Granada so soon. Within six months I might be a...

The Bureaucratic Hell of Picking up a Package from Customs

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While Nicaragua is technically a democratic republic, it more resembles a socialist country, so my theory is that government run processes are so huge, bloated, slow, and inefficient here simply because it employs more people and consumes more resources – which in turn generates more employment somewhere. It’s also a little archaic in its practices. I can’t remember the last time I dealt solely with paper, carbon copies, and rubber ink stamps before my encounter with Nicaragua customs. I’ve read a saying somewhere that America kills it’s citizens with taxes, while Nicaragua kills them with lines. I got in my first line around 2:15 and didn’t get out of...

A Great Christmas Eve Dinner at Monna Lisa’s Pizza

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We asked Levi where he wanted to have his Christmas Eve dinner. He said, “Monna Lisa Pizza!” They have a play scape there, so good idea on his part. They also have the friendliest owners and staff in Granada. We’ve had the same waiter every time we’ve gone and he always knows exactly what we want and is a very friendly guy. This trip was no different. But in some ways, it was. At one point Levi found one of the bandannas the staff wear tucked away in the shelf where they store menus and salt & pepper shakers. Instead of someone telling him he couldn’t play with that,...

La Posada Rotiseria

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If you want some fantastico pollo in Matagalpa I highly recommend La Posada Rotiseria. It’s off the beaten path, and a long time local favorite; not a place at all overrun with tourists, of which there are few in Matagalpa anyway. Levi got fried chicken. This fried chicken was REAL fried chicken. It looked like it had been fried in a well-seasoned, 50-year-old kettle with the same grease used to fry the previous day’s worth of fried chicken. It was not fast food KFC by a long shot. Roberta and I both got Pollo de la Plancha which was…well I don’t want to get wordy…it was the best chicken...

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