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Hotel Hopping in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

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We arrived at Hotel El Castillo in Matagalpa Tuesday evening. The hotel is a quaint structure built up the side of a mountain foothill. The footprint is small, but rises three stories. Up the first flight of outdoor stairs is a roomy patio and the front door of the hotel. Once inside there is another flight of stairs to a lounge and the hotel rooms. Another passage lead to another large part of the building currently being worked on. I presume they are expanding and building rooms. Which is a good idea because our room was very small. We barely tolerated one night there. We requested a room with...

Gringo in Matagalpa!

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We arrived in Matagalpa this evening. I changed the blog’s logo to commemorate the event. It’s a beautiful, but long, ride from Granada….about 2.5 hours. I recommend chartering a private driver so you can relax and enjoy the views. Costs about $80 USD if you sniff out a good deal. Matagalpa is north and in the mountains so it’s very cool here compared to Granada. I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt for the first time since we moved to Nicaragua! We got here after dark so I don’t have much to report on the city itself yet but what we saw when we went to out to eat a...

I’m an International Fugitive

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Despite claiming not to be an international fugitive in my first post on this blog, it turns out I am! Several months before coming to Granada was even a topic of conversation for us, I got pulled over in Kyle, Texas for not coming to a complete stop at a red light. Of course, I HAD come to a complete stop, but this particular cop – the scourge of Kyle, Texas as reported by more than a few people we knew there – was notorious for handing out tickets for next to, or literally, nothing. I was not going to pay a fine for something I did not do,...

First Scooter Trip!

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I had my first real drive on the new scooter today. I took it down to the lake and back a couple of times. On the way back from the second trip I got a bit adventurous and drove it all the way to La Colonia! It was pretty exciting. It basically is like riding a bicycle except there’s no peddling, it’s much faster, and weighs a lot more…which are all pretty important factors making it, although as “easy”, quite a different animal to deal with in traffic. There are a few Granada-specific elements to traffic that will take some getting used to before it’s second nature for me....

Adventures in Buying a Scooter: Day 3

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WE NOW OWN A SCOOTER!! Well, it took three days, but we finally bought a scooter. After having to reschedule our first attempt to meet the seller and then driving all the way to Masaya to make the transaction only to have our good friend Bosco tell us that we really should do this with a lawyer present, we finally got it done today. We agreed that she would meet me in Granada in Parque Central at 6:00 pm then we would head over to the lawyer’s office, which is just a couple of blocks away. There were a few translation and technological hiccups involved in the process, but...

Adventures in Buying a Scooter: Day 2

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Brief recap: We were all set to meet a nurse in Masaya to buy a scooter but then had to reschedule at the last minute because she got in a non-scooter related wreck. Now begins Day 2… The seller called and told Roberta that we could meet her at her house in Masaya after she got off work at 6:00 pm, so we re-scheduled Bosco to take us out there. We had already talked to a lawyer here – recommended by our landlord – who told us exactly what we would need to get from the seller: the title and an invoice, basically a formal letter that states she...

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