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Adventures in Buying a Scooter: Day 1

Posted by in Life

We’ve decided to buy a scooter. Although we can get anywhere and do anything by walking, riding our bike, or taking taxis (mostly just walking, though) there are times when it would be beneficial to get somewhere fast. For instance, when we realize we don’t actually have any chicken halfway through making chicken enchiladas for dinner. We can’t really hoof it down to La Colonia and back in a few minutes. Plus, it would allow us to get to Masaya, Managua, or elsewhere on an as-needed basis, though this would be in borderline emergency cases. For non-emergencies we’re fine taking the bus or hiring our friend Bosco who owns...

Mely’s Bar y Restaurante

Posted by in Food, Life

Location: Calle Calzada. De la Catedral 1 1/2 c. al lago Today we had lunch at Mely’s Bar y Restaurante. It’s amazing we’ve never eaten here before since it’s on La Calzada and we pass by it several times per week. I’m not sure if this implies that their street-side marketing sucks, or if we are incredibly un-observant people, but either way I will certainly be eating there again. I don’t think Roberta will, though. Her order was not at all what she THOUGHT she ordered…but this happened often even in The States. You see, Roberta is a complicated orderer. She can’t simply point at something on a menu...

Birthday Party at Tele Pizza

Posted by in Events, Life, People

Today we had Levi’s 5th birthday party at Tele Pizza. Lots of his friends and teachers showed up. We consumed mass quantities of pizza and cake. An amusing thing happened. Roberta bought candles for Levi’s cake. She did not realize that they were trick candles. Every time Levi blew them out they’d burst into flame again. Eventually we had every kid in the place trying to blow them out at the same...

School Christmas Pageant

Posted by in Events, Life, People

Levi’s school had a Christmas pageant tonight at Centro Bellas Artes, a sculpture art gallery and workshop that, I didn’t know until tonight, rents out a large stage for events. The event was pretty awesome. Tons of kids singing their hearts out while not really singing at all, but loving every minute of it. One thing school pageants have here that school pageants in America lack is a full bar tended by the school founder’s husband. Not only did the kids have a great time, the parents did too! After the pageant we ate at Monna Lisa Pizza. Below is a gallery of some pics of the venue, the...

Jogging Pictures

Posted by in Life, Photography

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (at least) I jog down La Calzada from our house to the lake and back. Today I slowed down to a walk a few times to take some smartphone...

Pizzeria Don Luca

Posted by in Food

Location:  Calle La Calzada. From the cathedral, 2 blocks to Lake  Calle La CalzadaThis is going to be a groundbreaking post for your friendly neighborhood gringo. Instead of writing about a place after the fact, I’m going to write about a place while I’m here experiencing it! How’s that for a good use of modern technology? I’m currently sitting in Pizzeria Don Luca looking out at La Calzada for a very late lunch at around 3:00 in the afternoon. I just ordered a vegetarian pizza. I had wanted some sort of pasta dish, but was informed that right now they are only doing pizzas. I guess the full menu doesn’t take...

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