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Dia de Los Muertos Party

Posted by in Events, Life

After a short stop at our friends Karina and Shane’s newly opened tapas bar, Bocadillos, we headed over to a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party at El Rodeo. We were invited by, Valeria, the owner of Hospedaje Valeria which is next door to us. It was a pretty thrilling experience. We had gone out Halloween night and not much was going on. There were a few people in costume walking around, but that was about it. Apprently they save their partying up for Day of the Dead here in Granada because last night the place was loud, explosive, and a full-on party. Unfortunately, we had...

Can’t Turn off Netflix Subtitles on PS3

Posted by in Life, Tips & Tricks

One minor annoyance I’ve yet to find a solution for is that our Netflix account assumes we are Nicaraguan, so it automatically subtitles everything we watch in Spanish. As you can imagine, this is pretty distracting…especially since we can’t even read Spanish yet. What makes this even more obnoxious is that Netflix – at least on PS3 – offers no way to turn subtitles off! You can change the language the subtitles are in from one non-English thing to another non-English thing, or in many cases you can change the audio so that it’s actually overdubbed in your local region, but there is no “off” option for either one....

We’ve Moved Three Times in Three Months

Posted by in Life, Places, Uncategorized, Video

We’ve been here just short of three months and we’ve already moved three times. Luckily every place we’ve moved into has been furnished, so it’s not like it was a huge nightmare at any point. The first place we lived in was the little vacation rental at The Garden Cafe. Our original plan was to come to Granada for a week to see if we like it. Then head back to our home in Texas and mull over the idea before making a final decision on whether to move. Well, the way things turned out – which I’ll write about in more detail later – the option to just...

The Garden Cafe

Posted by in Food, Places, Uncategorized 2013 Certificate of Excellence Winner Location: Central Park 1 block East | Calle Libertad y Avenida Cervantes, Granada, Nicaragua I can easily recommend The Garden Cafe as a great place to grab a bite to eat. It was the first restaurant we ate at when we moved here and we have had breakfast or lunch there at least once per week ever since. It is our kid’s absolutely favorite place to go in town, liking it even more than TelePizza, primarily because of their dense, jungle-like courtyard and two massive hammocks. I mean, all he ever gets there is a grilled cheese sandwich, so it’s not like he’s really judging the place on it’s...

First Things First

Posted by in Uncategorized

This is the first post ever for this here little blog about living in Granada, Nicaragua. I’m not going to recap a ton of details about me that you can just as easily find on the About Me page, but I will say that Granada is a beautiful place and I love being here. I’ve been here with my family only a couple of months, so I am no expert, and I’m hoping that blogging about the discoveries and surprises I encounter here will make for some interesting reading. Here’s a picture of me pointing at a big blue door. That is the kind of  riveting content you can...

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