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The Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe 2013 Certificate of Excellence Winner Location: Central Park 1 block East | Calle Libertad y Avenida Cervantes, Granada, Nicaragua I can easily recommend The Garden Cafe as a great place to grab a bite to eat. It was the first restaurant we ate at when we moved here and we have had breakfast or lunch there at least once per week ever since. It is our kid’s absolutely favorite place to go in town, liking it even more than TelePizza, primarily because of their dense, jungle-like courtyard and two massive hammocks. I mean, all he ever gets there is a grilled cheese sandwich, so it’s not like he’s really judging the place on it’s culinary merits. Speaking of culinary merits, the food is consistently good. It is lighter fare, so you never walk out of there feeling like a greasy slob. If you’re looking for more of a diner style breakfast that really sticks to your ribs (and your waist) you should hit up Kathy’s Waffle House, but here at The Garden Cafe you’ll...

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