• Holy Bat Batman!

    Last night I got up to the use the restroom. When done I went around the other area where the sink is to wash my hands. The sink for the bathroom is actually just behind the ...

  • Pizzeria Don Luca

    Location:  Calle La Calzada. From the cathedral, 2 blocks to Lake  Calle La CalzadaThis is going to be a groundbreaking post for your friendly neighborhood gringo. Instead of writing about a place after the fact, I’m going to ...

  • We Moved to Matagalpa

    Well, I’m not exactly sure what to do about this blog. When we visited Matagalpa a couple of weeks ago we actually put down a deposit on a rental and this past week moved to Matagalpa. ...

  • Dia de Los Muertos Party

    After a short stop at our friends Karina and Shane’s newly opened tapas bar, Bocadillos, we headed over to a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) party at El Rodeo. We were invited by, ...

  • Tip Top Chicken: Nicaragua’s Delicious Version of Chic-fil-A

    Tip Top Chicken is a prevalent fast food chain in Nicaragua that sells chicken in various culinary forms. By various I mean grilled or fried. It is essentially, their version of a Chic-fil-A although it tastes ...

Merida, Mexico: Day 1

As I sit here on Day 2 of our trip to Merida trying to gather ...

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Hotel el Internacional

This is the first time we’ve stayed at a hotel in Granada. Since we were in it for the long haul last time ...
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Choco Spa! Mansion de Chocolate Hotel y Spa

Our kid is attracted to water like a homesick fish. Even before we got on the plane to come back to Nicaragua he ...
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Calle El Martirio Granada, Nicaragua
Tips & Tricks

Emails to a Buddy

A friend of mine just booked a trip to Granada and he emailed with a few questions about the place. It struck me ...
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Costa Rica: Day 2 – Museo de los Ninos

Today we went to the Museo de los Ninos (Children’s Museum) in Costa Rica. This is a damn cool museum for kids and ...
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Costa Rica: Day 1

We booked a long weekend in San Jose, Costa Rica to renew our tourist visas. For those not in the loop, you have ...
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A Few Pics Around the Market in Matagalpa

I snapped a few pics around the market in Matagalpa today where we went to buy a dresser. I’ll have to go back ...
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Preview of the New Pad

Here’s a few pics of our new pad here in Matagalpa. The place is still under some lingering renovations from the owners, so ...
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A Few Photos Around Matagalpa

Just a few photos I snapped while walking around a hilly pat of Matagalpa. ...
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Our Dog was Held for Ransom in Granada, Nicaragua

No kidding. Can you believe that shit?! Here’s the story… New Year’s Eve night I went out for drinks with our neighbor. Roberta ...
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